Evacuations from Non-Permissive Environments

Aleppo, Syria. 2020.


  • There are active threats.
  • It’s not safe for evacuees (as foreigners) to be visible on the streets.
  • There would be serious consequences if evacuees were discovered and captured or apprehended.
Homs, Syria. 2020.

Getting Out


  • Travelling at specific times of the day (or night).
  • Taking more complex routes to avoid checkpoints
  • Using low profile vehicles
  • Relying on armoured vehicles and security escorts (more on these options below)
Passing through a military checkpoint in Syria. 2020.

Remote planning

Safe houses as Assembly Points

Tripoli, Lebanon. 2019.


Security escorts

Armoured vehicles

Tripoli, Lebanon. 2019.

Contingency planning

Driving through a small town at night in Syria. 2020.

Anticipate failure




Founder, Spartan9.

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Grant Rayner

Grant Rayner

Founder, Spartan9.

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