Getting Out

Focus on your immediate safety first

A small town to the east of Aleppo, Syria. 2020.

Be prepared for a long wait

Getting out by air

Getting out by vehicle

Low profile vehicles in Tripoli, Lebanon. 2019.

Getting out by boat

Staying in place

  • Ensure you have access to a supply of food and water. Either stockpile provisions in advance or make arrangements with trusted local contacts to deliver them to you.
  • Have a large capacity power bank. Consider using solar panels; however, be aware that they’re not particularly effective in an urban environment.
  • Have a satellite phone or satellite communicator. If using a satellite phone, ensure you pack an external antenna that you can mount outside a window. Satellite devices can be less effective in urban areas. If you have a choice where you stay, find a building with rooftop access.
A rooftop overlooking Aleppo, Syria. 2020.




Founder, Spartan9.

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Grant Rayner

Grant Rayner

Founder, Spartan9.

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